Stew pepper splash

You saw that ants don’t approach garlic. This is on the grounds that garlic is a decent subterranean insect repellent. We can utilize garlic as a characteristic insect spray to dispose of ants. Simply strip the garlic and spot it in various pieces of home to remove ants.


Cinnamon is another aroma that opposes ants. You can abuse this by sprinkling cinnamon powder around the domains of your home where ants are coming. You can put cinnamon sticks close to windows. You can improve its adequacy by adding a couple of drops of fundamental oil on a cinnamon stick.

Stew pepper splash

Bean stew pepper is somewhat spicier and it is a decent anti-agents of ants. It assists with repulsing ants from your ideal region. You can utilize pepper bothly. It is possible that you can put new pepper as it or you can shower stew pepper blend to fend ants off. To make the combination of bean stew pepper, Add 10-12 stew peppers in 1 cup of water and bubble it at that point strain out the bean stew pepper and add the blend into a shower container and use it against ants.

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