Cordless Impact Wrench

Loosening rusted or over-tightened bolts and nuts can be time consuming and tiring, especially when it has to be repeated several times like when changing tyres. In situations like this, a cordless impact wrench is like a glass of water in the dessert.

Air-powered impact wrenches and corded electric impact wrenches are great but they cannot boast of the flexibility, portability and ease of moving around with that the cordless impact wrench has. With this tool, you don’t have to worry about maintenance lines and noise; usable anywhere, with or without electricity or compressed air.

So what exactly is an impact wrench?

An impact wrench is a power tool used to loosen and tighten nuts and bolts. It takes away the stress involved in loosening and tightening nuts and bolts and saves time, all with minimal effort from the user. It is called other names like air gun, torque gun, air wrench among others.

Types of Impact Wrench

  • Air-powered impact wrench
  • Electric Impact Wrench
  • Cordless impact wrench

Air-powered impact wrench has a cord that that brings compressed air from the tank to the wrench tool; the electric impact wrench also has a cord that transfers current from the power source to the wrench tool. The cordless impact wrench tool doesn’t use an external power source; it utilizes a battery (Li-on or NiCad). All these types of impact wrenches work by delivering torque at controlled speeds.

The cordless impact wrench is less restrictive, allowing for better mobility when using the tool.

The cordless impact wrench has become increasingly popular among technicians and home users. The less expensive cordless impact wrenches have heavy battery packs and can lead to fatigue during usage. A cordless impact wrench that is lightweight, with a long-lasting battery and ergonomic considerations comes with a pretty hefty price tag.

Besides the type of battery a cordless impact wrench operates on, another distinguishing and very important element is the internal components of the wrench because they affect the performance and durability of the tool.

Based on the internal components, there are two types of cordless impact wrenches; brushed and brushless impact wrenches.

In a brushed impact wrench, the individual components of the motor are in contact with each other which leads to wear and tear of the components. Whereas in a brushless impact wrench, the individual components are not in contact with each other so there is no wear and tear; cordless impact wrenches with brushless motors are more durable.

Some other factors to consider when buying a cordless impact wrench are;

  • Comfort: Cordless impact wrenches that come with soft grip handles reduce vibrations and enhance comfort when using the tool.
  • Weight: Technicians usually use their impact wrenches for long periods; investing in a cordless impact wrench that is lightweight or medium weight will reduce the strain and fatigue your arm feels when using the tool.
  • Warranty: Warranty on cordless impact wrenches range from one year to three years. Go for a manufacturer that offers longer warranty, just to be on a safe side.
  • Battery: A good cordless impact wrench should have a trustworthy battery and should be able to retain power. The battery should also not take forever to charge; 30 minutes is enough charge time.


How different is Pomade from other similar products?

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How different is Pomade from other similar products

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Ultraviolet (UV) Water Purification Technology

UV water purification technology is a highly effective method of getting rid of microorganisms in water. This technology uses ultraviolet rays to kill disease-causing microorganisms in water. The ultraviolet rays technology is highly effective (up to 99.9%) in killing microorganisms. Some of the contaminants UV addresses are:

  • Viruses
  • Bacteria
  • Cysts
  • Coliform
  • Salmonella
  • Giardia
  • E.coli
  • Cryptosporidium
  • Typhoid Fever
  • Flu
  • Polio
  • Dysentery
  • Cholera
  • Meningitis
  • Infectious Hepatitis


UV water purification technology makes use of special lamps that emit UV light at a particular wavelength. This light has the ability of disrupting the DNA configuration of microorganisms, making them unable to function, reproduce and replicate. The UV purification system is highly simple and effective, environment-friendly because it does not make use of chemicals for the purification process,

Advantages of UV Water Purifier

  • The UV system is chemical free. No chemicals are used which leaves harmful by-products.
  • Water treated using the UV system is free from odor and taste because nothing is added during the purification process.
  • Simple, clean and environment-friendly technique to kill germs and viruses.
  • Kills 99.9% of microorganisms in water.
  • The UV bulbs consume very little energy thus making this system energy conservant.
  • The ultraviolet system is cost effective because only the UV bulbs and quartz sleeve need replacement and that is once every 12 months.
  • It is highly compatible with other water purification technologies like Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Ultrafiltration (UF).
  • UV system is a green, environment-friendly alternative to chlorination.
  • The UV system does not waste water. It conserves water unlike the RO system.

Disadvantages of UV water Purifier

  • Ultraviolet rays kills organisms but the organisms remain in the water.
  • UV purifier can only be used for water containing viruses and germs.
  • Electricity is needed to power the UV bulbs, thus constant electricity is needed for this system.
  • UV light is only able to work when the water is clear. If the water is murky, the particles in them will block the UV rays, not making them reach the microorganisms. In such cases, a pre-filter is advisable.
  • UV light will only kill bacteria and microorganisms in water. It is unable to remove other impurities and contaminants like heavy metals, salts, herbicides, excess chlorine. For this system to be highly effective, other filtration methods should be employed.

For safe and healthy drinking water free from contaminants and disease-causing microorganisms, UV must be combined with one of the other filtration technologies (reverse osmosis or ultrafiltration). RO+UV is the most widely used combination for providing safe drinking water.


Nursing Shoes

Working in the health sector environment is very demanding. Nursing staff is responsible for providing medical care to patients who are sick. Every day they are on duty working in a large facility and that mean that they are walking miles on hard floors daily to carry out their work and have to spend several hours standing. Nurses need to look after their feet with nursing shoes because it can take care of the effect of their demanding physical work.

They must put it into practical use. Historically, nursing shoes were black laced up shoes. However, these are a bit to be desired when it comes to style. They are available in different sizes and colors in the market which gives you the option to make your choice.

The shoes are available as traditional and medical shoes. Both are stylish and well built and therefore offer protection for the user, Visit Shoesance for more info about nursing shoes.


If you are still studying in a nursing school or working as a full-time nurse at any hospital, and you are aware of all stress involved in the profession. During the 8 to 12 working hours most of the time is spent in running, walking or standing. In fact, this is a job that does not give you enough time to settle down. That’s why the nursing shoe is incredibly important for you. Here are some points why nursing shoes are more important than anything else for nurses:

  • They help you avoid serious foot problems:

Nursing shoes are specially designed to help nurses rest their feet during long hours of work, so help avoid stress, pain or other foot problems. Other traditional shoes lack this quality so they cannot provide the necessary rest for the feet for long hours, which can ultimately result in pain or stress on the feet.

  • It make you to work actively:

How can nurses work effectively if they have problems with their feet? To stay active during their shift, that is important to get the feet prepared for these changes in advance. Nursing shoes do the same for you. They help to keep you active during the day, providing adequate rest to various parts of the feet.

  • It ensures the safety of nurses working in an environment that are full of harmful bacteria.

On the other hand, sometimes it can also be found in blood or other things that fall on their feet. In these circumstances, nursing shoes save direct contact of the bacteria. The material used for its construction does not allow liquid such as blood or anything else pass through the shoe.

  • They are meant for Hospitals:

Finally, they are essential requirement for nurses working in most hospitals. Most hospitals around the world are not going to allow you to work as a nurse until you get your full dress nursing – including nursing shoes.

It is important that you have the nursing shoes to protect your feet and also boost your image as a nurse.

Disadvantages of Smartphones


We live in a society where phones are actually smarter than the human using them. Thanks to technology, we are handicapped in one way or another without a good smartphone in our hands. From business to studies-everything is now partially being operated through smartphones. But, where it helps us a lot as well, it comes along with its disadvantages. And every person who utilizes it actually knows about them deep down but never admits to them.

  1. Private Surfing:

Where this seems nothing less than a blessing to all of us; it leads to bad and unethical things. Youngsters get involved in viewing content that you should not and hey, they never get caught even! And not just this; this content brings in virus and germs which can hack your system easily. You click on a link and you never know what information from your phone has been transmitted to the hacker.

  1. Interactions Diminishing:

Where meeting and interacting in person was the sweetest thing one can ever go through; with smartphones, who needs to drive half an hour to meet and old friend? Let’s just FaceTime maybe?! Smartphones have definitely brought a great change and decreased the communication gap for many but it still kills the interactions that can be done easily.

  1. High prices:

What are you paying to buy a basic phone and what are you going to be pay while you purchase a smartphone? See the difference? The higher prices are giving you some baseless social media apps and a variation in ring tunes basically and quality surfing; at the same time it is asking for a completely separate budget. Even if it gets into an issue; be ready to spend loads on it.

  1. Is It Safe?

Smartphones are loved due to the apps variety they have to offer. But hey, is it safe enough? Well, the apps aren’t safe themselves and the smartphone as well. So you are prone to double security risks with your “oh so cool” smartphone in your hands. They won’t ever offer you 100% security as nothing is perfect guys!

How Technology Has Improved Our Life


Looking around us, we see how magnificently technology ha affected us in all spheres of our life. And with its advancement day by day, we come to see how much more promising it gets in making our lives better. There are some disadvantages that come along; but you cannot say that tech has actually improved lives heavily. So let’s just say that the pace of innovation is really impressive when it comes to the technological world. Driverless cars, 3D virtual reality is finally here, smartphones (smarter than humans) and there is so much to list when it comes to the innovations done in the field of technology.

So let’s peek into how technology has improvised our lives day by day and which sectors have been touched by it!

  1. Education:

Since 1990’s, the sudden change in education made us all confident and improved. We are now able to get information on any topic within a matter of seconds. What else would students want? Moreover, new tools for educating people have been invented and that has also bought a revolutionary change the educational sector. PowerPoint presentations are save time and energy and make the assignment shine more and look better as well. From audio recorders to Smart Boards; everything has made education a lot better than the early times.

  1. Relationships:

Communication has been turned into a magic wand for everyone. People, who once feared long distance relationships, are living them quite easily; thanks to technology, they do not get out of touch for even a day. Apps like Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime and other social media applications like Kik and Facebook etc., have made communication gaps lessen. You can now sit miles apart and still be in a healthy communication. And your relationship does not survive the way you thought it would.

  1. Health Care:

Peeking into the old times, going to a proper hospital was a big dilemma. Let’s put aside the troubles like lack of facilities to get there in time and much more: hardly a hospital was facilitated with all the essentialities. However looking at the healthcare system these days (we should actually thank the tech geeks), that they have created such amazing machines! You just press your finger on a machine and all of your essential markings appear on it. The healthcare system has taken a turn that no one could have ever imagined off some years back.

  1. Shopping:

Who does not love shopping? But let’s just admit the fact that online shopping is such a treat. They have more variety and the quality stands out as well. Technology has certainly changed the things immensely. Researches show that 69% of youngsters have been found searching for different products and services online and prefer it more also. Other than that, brands should make their online presence prominent as online shopping is increasing day by day and people aim at searching for an online webpage of every brand that they decide to shop from.

  1. Business:

Talking about brands; let’s talk about business as well. Business world has been improvised the most over the years through technology. It has touched the lives of businessmen greatly. It is all about work smarter than actually working harder and harder for almost the entire day! Thanks to technology that we are able to operate business more comprehensively and the efficiency has increased as well. From software’s to accounting and much more; we are able to get a hold of everything in a civilized manner through various inventions of technology.

Gone are the days when everyone was worried about how to move outside and how to communicate with their loved ones or possibly how on earth to take care of your loved ones without the proper healthcare system?! Time has evolved and through various creations in the technological world, we have been able to improve our standards of life, save time and make more profits out of our business. It has been nothing less than a blessing (if used in the right manner) and will remain one until we keep utilizing it for the correct things.